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! Picture !! Name !! Appearences !! Other Facts  
! Picture !! Name !! Appearences !! Other Facts  
| [[Image:PolynesianProse.PNG|75px]]
| Polynesian Prose
| [[The Luau]]
| None.
| [[Image:SmartInvesting.PNG|75px]]
| [[Image:SmartInvesting.PNG|75px]]

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Multiple books in the email rampage.

Books play important roles in the Homestar Runner Universe, but what about books that don't? Sometimes those books have messages in the title. These are the books that are found in bookshelves and other places in the cartoons.

This is a list of all books that have titles, but do not have authors.

Picture Name Appearences Other Facts
Polynesian Prose The Luau None.
Smart Investing for Jerks Email rampage None.
Sweatshirtguy Email rampage None
The R in Routine Email rampage The title is a refrence to the email morning routine.
Soup, Right? Email rampage None.
Brown Story Email rampage None.
Biscuit Email rampage This could be a reference to Biscuit Dough Hands Man.
Dead Things Book One That A Ghost None.
Ghostly Measures That A Ghost None.
Creepy Stories for Toddlers That A Ghost None.
The Haunted Jacuzzi That A Ghost None.
27 Cent Ghosties That A Ghost None.
The Ghost in my Pocket That A Ghost This may be a reference to "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by Dr. Seuss.
Creepiness, Oh My! That A Ghost None.
There is a Ghost in This Book That A Ghost None.
A Goodtime Story That A Ghost None.
Banshees, Indeed! That A Ghost None.
Ghastly Monsters That A Ghost None.
Zombies Are Cool That A Ghost None.
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