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Marzipan playing "Thoughts On a Bird"

Lay down some phat beats with Marzipan and her ukulele. You can play each instrument buy clicking it with a mouse, or typing the associated letter on the keyboard. You have a choice of the following instruments:

  • Hi-hat
  • Snare
  • Bass
  • Cowbell
  • A Goat
  • Turntable
  • Triangle
  • Maracas
  • Left and Right Bongos

The songs are:

  • Thoughts On a Bird
  • Your Own Medicine
  • Summertime is Here

Page Title: Play drums for Marzipan! Do it! Now!



Thoughts on a Bird

  • There was a bird,/A really cute bird./A really, really, really, really, really cute bird.

Your Own Medicine

  • A taste of your own medicine./A taste of your own medicine./You deserve a taste of your own medicine.

Summertime Is Here

  • La, la, la, la, la./Hip slaps and icecream,/Waterfalls and candy canes,/Sugar drinks and mayonaise,/Summertime is here.

Marzipan's Feedback

  • "Umm... Maybe we better try again."
  • "Umm... And what was your experience was again?"
  • "I think you're the greatest drummer that I've ever heard."
  • "Umm... I'll call you next week."
  • "Bravo!"
  • "You're awesome."
  • "I also have a dance that I made up to go along with that."
  • "Umm... I'll have my manager give you a call."
  • "Umm... Uh, that wasn't very good."

NOTE: Feedback is generated at random. Even still, she seems to say more positive things if you don't play the "bad noises," or if you just let her sing her song unaided.

Fun Facts

  • The bongos have reversed sounds: the bigger one makes a higher-pitched sound, and the smaller one makes a deeper sound.
  • The music from "Thoughts on a bird" is later used in the cartoon The Luau as theme music, possibly vice versa.


If you hold down a key that is attributed to an instrument, the instrument will play again and again very quickly.

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