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Around the Field was the second gameplay video released by Telltale games in advance of SBCG4AP. It can be viewed on Telltale's site.


{Strong Bad leaves Bubs' Concession Stand}

BUBS: Come back soon!

{Strong Bad lifts a cardboard box and picks a piece of paper out from under it}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Box-peering guy! {spoken} Hey!

{Strong Bad faces the camera, and the manual for Snake Boxer 5 overlaps him}

STRONG BAD: It's the cover to my long-lost Snake Boxer V manual!

{The cover fades away}

STRONG BAD: If I can find the rest of this thing, I'll have the cheat code that unlocks Snake Boxer V's Super-Secret Forbidden mode!

{Strong Bad runs up to The Brick Wall}

STRONG BAD: Hi, pointless wall! {high pitched, covering mouth} Hi, Strong Bad!

{Strong Bad runs up to a hedge with some sticks pointing outwards from it}

STRONG BAD: Geez, that hedge looks like it's been beat around the face with an ugly stick.

{Strong Bad turns behind him and faces The Stick}

STRONG BAD: Not you, The Stick. You're beautiful, man.

{Strong Bad runs up to The Stick}

STRONG BAD: It's The Stick.

{fanfare plays from offscreen}

STRONG BAD: And, that's about all there is.

{The splash screen for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People appears}

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