Armless Invaders

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A game that is only accessable by clicking the O on Strong Bad's Message Bored.

In this game, protect Strongbadia from the legions of falling Homestars. Use the mouse to move Strong Bad and click to shoot them down. Be warned that you can only have one bullet on the screen at a time, so aim carefully.

You earn 50 points for each Homestar you shoot down.


When the game says ready, use your mouse and highlight the 5 in chances section. Then, you have 1.1 seconds to type one thing. If you type 0, or any letter, you will get an automatic GAME OVER. Type 9 to get 9 chances. This also works with score and if you use the number more rapidly, you get however many you typed.

Fun Facts

  • Obvious to some, this game was inspired/spoofed off of the classic game for the Atari 2600: Space Invaders.
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