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Hey, it could be forwards compatible.

The Apple IIe is a computer owned by The Brothers Chaps. It has been used for, and shown in, various aspects of the Homestar Runner body of work. Though most of the time it is shown in real life, mainly for "use" in the Videlectrix Office, it is also shown in animation. It used to be unclear what model of the Apple II it was, but it was later revealed in the commentary for the Peasant's Quest Preview that it was an Apple IIe.


NOTE: "The floppy drive noise" referred to is the chugging sound created by old 5.25" floppy drives, produced from the read and write head bumping into the rear drive assembly so it can recalibrate itself.
  • Debut: Email Processing Room — The computer The Cheat uses in this room is presumably an Apple II.
  • Peasant's Quest Preview — The Videlectrix Guys are seen "testing" the game. The computer is also shown playing music; however, as explained in the DVD commentary, it was actually created on an MS-DOS prompt using QBasic's "PLAY" command. The floppy drive noise is also heard.
  • Peasant's Quest — At the loading screen, a shot of the Apple IIe and its disk drives are shown. Also, Trogdor's voice is supplied by the speech synthesis program Software Automatic Mouth ("SAM"), which was available for various computers including the Apple II. As such, it is possible that Trogdor's lines were run and recorded through the actual Apple IIe.
  • Sketchbook: October 6, 2005 — Instead of an actual sketch, it was a drawing of Homestar Runner on the Apple IIe.
  • Email technology — The "Computers don't BYTE" poster shows what is possibly an Apple IIe with a DuoDisk floppy drive.
  • Workin' on the Game — The Videlectrix Guys are shown trying to use a Wii remote with the computer, with another holding the IIe's mouse in the air, with Applesoft BASIC on the screen. The floppy drive noise and its startup tone can also be heard in the beginning.
  • @StrongBadActual — Screenshots from an Apple IIe are shown in some early Tweets, as if it is one of the computers Strong Bad checks his email on.
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