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*[[Drive-Thru]]  — Strong Bad asks "Inviso-Jeeves" for a bottle of Château Prétende 1974, presumably wine.
*[[Drive-Thru]]  — Strong Bad asks "Inviso-Jeeves" for a bottle of Château Prétende 1974, presumably wine.
*[[Where's an Egg?]] — One of the items the suspects have is a mug of beer.
*[[Where's an Egg?]] — One of the items the suspects have is a mug of beer.
*[[Sickly Sam's Big Outing]] — A jug of hooch can be found in [[Sickly Sam]]'s stomach.
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Premium Alcoholic Cold Ones

Alcoholic beverages often find their way into conversations, households, hands, and yes, even mouths in the Homestar Runner body of work.



Strong Bad Email

  • making out — In order to get the sender's boyfriend to make out with her, Strong Bad proposes lighting "a few candles and maybe having a glass of wine".
  • theme party — Strong Bad suggests getting "a couple of kegs of cheap cold ones" for the party. Also, one of the Easter eggs features a "Spring Drink'n Formal 2002" T-shirt with a picture of a bear wearing sunglasses, holding a beer mug, along with Calvin, who appears to be passed out.
  • dangeresque 3 — Strong Bad asks the viewer not to throw "full wine bottles" at the screen.
  • time capsule — An Easter egg features Coach Z Ale, a brand of (presumably alcoholic) ale that is either produced or endorsed by Coach Z.
  • radioHomestar Runner throws a rocks glass while yelling "High-ball!"
  • modeling — "Colognac" is a portmanteau formed by combining "cognac", a distilled liquor, and "cologne", a fragrance.
  • space program — During the SBASAF slide show, the narrator says, "Somebody get that man a highball".
  • myths & legendsBubs states that the Bear holding a Shark shot glasses are "always popular with the kids". Shot glasses are small glasses used to serve small amounts of (usually potent) liquor.
  • senior prom — Strong Bad mentions consuming "okratinis", martinis served with a pickled okra pod instead of an olive.
    • Also, Coach Z is seen spiking the punch with Listerine, an antiseptic mouthwash that contains alcohol.
  • rock opera — Strong Bad swirls a glass of wine as he informs us that he is "pleasant".
  • theme song - In one of the clips from the "unaired pilot", Strong Bad is seen filling his mouth with a Coldson Lite and a coffee via a beer helmet.
  • your funeral — Strong Bad describes his funeral as being "off the wagon". "Falling off the wagon" is an idiom referring to a recovering alcoholic's relapse into alcoholism.
  • rough copy — Homestar advertises his "Malinko Drinko", claiming it is "crystal clear like domestic beer".
  • hygiene — Gene/Strong Bad's mother claims to have a "grown-up headache", a likely reference to a hangover.
  • business trip — Homestar and Strong Bad have ordered beer called "Expen$e Account Ones".
  • nightlife — Bubs runs the bar at Club Technochocolate and Strong Bad orders an expensive drink in a eye dropper.

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