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Adult Swim Advertisement

On Cartoon Network's Adult Swim cartoon block, the team at Williams Street, responsible for Adult Swim's programming, answers viewer emails on Thursday nights. (They no longer do). One email featured the famous question "How do you type with boxing gloves on?"

Bernardin Print Advertisement

A national print campaign in Canada for Bernardin home canning featured a young woman wearing a Trogdor T-shirt.

Numb Thumbs Advertisement

A commercial for the video game store/website "Numb Thumbs" featured a man wearing a Fluffy Puff Marshmallows T-shirt. The shirt may be fan made.

PBTeen Catalog

In an issue of PBTeen, there is a picture of a boys' room with a Strong Bad bumper sticker on the wall. The bumper sticker is one that can be bought in the store.

SMS Advertisement

On a picture messaging commercial shown in TV channels in Australia and New Zealand, while it flicks through various picture messages/cell phone wallpapers, a picture of Trogdor pops up.

Soap Box Commercial

A soap box racing (unknown which brand) commercial that aired on Cartoon Network (and other kids' networks) featured a car decorated with the Teen Girl Squad.

University of Northwestern Ohio Advertisement

In a commercial promoting college education at Univ. of NW Ohio, a man "studying hard" is sitting at a computer desk with Main Page 7 on the screen. The commercial is not uploaded to YouTube.

U.S. Air Force Website Ad

A U.S. Air Force ad that used to be on IGN (and various other sites) features a picture of a man playing the guitar, who is wearing a Trogdor T-shirt.

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