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LELLOWTAPE: Do not cross.

Sometimes, The Brothers Chaps acknowledge the fact that an update, especially a Strong Bad Email, has been late or has been (or will be) delayed. This can occur in a separate toon, in a Main Page message, or in an email itself.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email vacation — explained the delay of invisibility.
  • Email ghostsStrong Bad remarks, "Boy, is it ever Monday," despite the fact that this email was released on a Thursday due to the release of Pumpkin Carve-nival.
  • Decemberween Email Menu — All the email links are replaced with a message reading, "No emails on the holidays," explaining why no new emails were going to be made for a week.
  • Email army — The Compy appears to be dusty with a little cobweb on the top left corner, and Strong Bad says, "It's been a while."
  • Email geddup noise — The lights are off and Gavin is crawling on the screen of the Lappy at the beginning of the email.
  • Sick Day — The DVD commentary mentions that Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 was released a week later than planned because Matt was sick.
  • Sbemail 150?!? — explained the delay of alternate universe.
  • Email redesignLELLOWTAPE covers the Lappy at the beginning of the email.
  • Weclome Back — The toon explains that everyone was out.
  • Main Page message on January 15, 2007 — "sbemails return next week!" (The previous email, what I want, was released 5 weeks before the message, on December 11, 2006.)
  • Main Page message on July 2, 2007 — "takin' a baby break"
  • Main Page message on August 7, 2007 — "sbemails return next week!" (The previous email, the paper, was released 8 weeks before the message, on June 11, 2007.)
  • Email yes, wrestling — In Strong Bad's introduction, he mentions that he is checking his email on a Tuesday, which is the day the email was released.
  • Email hremail3184 — Strong Bad claims that he will come out of "e-tirement", and mentions that he "hasn't checked his email in so long...". The last time he had checked his email was 280 days previous.
  • FeedBurner message on December 1, 2009 — New Baby vs. Updates!
  • Main Page message on December 14, 2010 — new holiday toon! when rolled over read "for real!". Also, the page title for the corresponding toon, A Decemberween Mackerel, was "We Come Down Off Our High Horse!". (The previous toon, Xeriouxly Forxe, was released 8 months prior, on March 31, 2010.)
  • Which Ween Costumes? — is essentially one big acknowledgment of the lack of any Halloween toons in 2010. The page title alone reads "I don't know what you're talking about!".
  • April Fools' 2014 — The entire cartoon is a joking reference to the lack of updates to the website in over four years, with a specific 'teaser' regarding the lack of Strong Bad Email updates.
  • Fish Eye Lens — Coach Z frets that it's been too long since the last Number One Jam in the opening.
  • Email sbemail206 — Strong Bad has trouble remembering that he used to check emails on a computer and the Compé got compressed under a pile of dust, turning it into the Lappier.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2Marzipan's outgoing message includes "I'll be out and about for about seven years", which refers to the amount of time since her previous answering machine was released.
  • Email too cool — Strong Bad sings, "Let's not make a big deal out of this; it's just a little Strong Bad Email" in the email intro.

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