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*The old pop-up menu appears on this cartoon (at the bottom). All the buttons still work. Only this toon, [[Chinese Food Toons Menu]], [[Where's The Cheat?]], [[Broken Tandy Menu]], the [[Strong Bad Email#Strong Bad Email Menus|Strong Bad Email Vacation Menu]], and the [[Yearbook Character Page]] seem to still have it.
*The old pop-up menu appears on this cartoon (at the bottom). All the buttons still work. Only this toon, [[Lucky Toons Menu]], [[Where's The Cheat?]], [[Broken Tandy Menu]], the [[Strong Bad Email#Strong Bad Email Menus|Strong Bad Email Vacation Menu]], and the [[Yearbook Character Page]] seem to still have it.
*In the scene with Homestar at the chalkboard, the older version of Homestar's legs were used. They're supposed to be long and close together, but these are shorter and placed apart.
*In the scene with Homestar at the chalkboard, the older version of Homestar's legs were used. They're supposed to be long and close together, but these are shorter and placed apart.
*Marzipan says to make Coach Z's "mouth" round, even though he has [[Lack of Visible Body Parts#Coach Z's Face|no visible mouth]].
*Marzipan says to make Coach Z's "mouth" round, even though he has [[Lack of Visible Body Parts#Coach Z's Face|no visible mouth]].

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Toon Category: Big Toon
watch The Reddest Radish The Luau
It's not "jaerb", it's "job".

Coach Z can't say the word job. The rest of the gang tries to teach him. JAERB!

Cast (in order of appearance): Coach Z, Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, Pom Pom, Bubs, Marzipan, Tom Servo, The Poopsmith, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat

Places: The Athletic Field, The Classroom, The Movie Theater, Graffiti Wall, Coach Z's Locker Room

Date: On or before Friday, March 2, 2001

Running Time: 4:00

Page Title: A Jorb Well Done

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2



{Scene opens at a sport field. Homestar is running back and forth and he knocks over Strong Sad. Pom Pom starts jumping on him and the electronic scoreboard is keeping count. Also, Bubs is there for some reason. Coach Z blows his whistle}

COACH Z: Okay there boys, pack it up, pack it in.

{Homestar walks over to him, sweating}

COACH Z: Great jaerb there, Homestar.

{Homestar opens his mouth in shock}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uhhhm... I'm sorry. What?

COACH Z: I uh, I say you did a great jorb out there.


COACH Z: A great jaerb!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, man. Pom Pom, you've gotta check this out. {Pom Pom bounces over} Okay, Coach, tell Pom Pom what I did today.

COACH Z: Err, uh well, I was just telling Homestar here that he done a great joearb.

{Pom Pom bubbles in laughter}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {laughs} Coach, that's ridiculous. We've got to do something about that.

{Cut to the chalkboard, where Homestar is wearing a mortar board and holding a pointer. The board has "JOB vs. JAERB" on it. Homestar crosses out Jaerb and circles Job}

{Cut to Marzipan at the chalkboard. She has 3 pictures of mouths labeled with the letters A, E, and O}

MARZIPAN: O. Job. O. Job.


{As Coach Z talks, the word "JOERGHB!" slides across the screen in the background.}

MARZIPAN: Coach Z, you need to make your mouth into an O, like this. OOOOOOOOOO.

COACH Z: You mean like this? OOORREEAARRRORRR.

MARZIPAN: That's better.

{Cut to the movie theater, where Coach Z is strapped into a seat while his eyes are forced open very wide with a red outline. Pom Pom supervises. The screen flashes the word "job" over and over, followed by pictures of people with Pom heads.}

The Business Man's JOB is giving the business.
The Construction Worker's JOB is to smash things.
The Poopsmith's JOB is obvious.

COACH Z: {Looks to be in pain; his face is red and is sweating} JEEEOOORREEAARRB!!

{Cut to some sort of alleyway. Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat are standing in front of a brick wall with the word JOB stylishly written in graffiti. Strong Bad has a smile on his face}

STRONG BAD: Okay, Coach, let's give this one more try. Repeat after me. JOB. {Because of his accent, he pronounces it "jobe".}

COACH Z: Jorb.

{Strong Bad looks at Strong Mad and clears his throat}

STRONG BAD: Yes, uh, this sounds very good. Uh, my only recommendation would be, next time, try to add some more syllables. Perhaps three. Perhaps four.

{Strong Bad snickers, then bursts out laughing wildly, along with Strong Mad and The Cheat. Coach Z looks down, ashamed and embarrassed, and walks off. Strong Bad and the others continue laughing hysterically.}

{Cut to the locker room. Coach Z is sitting on the bench, depressed with his head on one hand.}

COACH Z: {dejectedly} Oh, jeez. I'm just not cut out to say the word "jaerb". How am I ever gonna face the boys at practice tomorrow?

{Strong Sad enters.}

STRONG SAD: Uhh, Coach Z, uhh, I heard about your problem and I think that I can help. {hands him a tape} This is a tape I made from when I was practicing the dictionary. Listen to it while you slumber. And tomorrow, you may wake to find that...

COACH Z: {interrupting; excitedly} Oh, wow! Thanks a lot, Strong Sad!

{Coach Z puts the tape in a tape machine. The tape is labeled "Job—285,194 times." He then presses PLAY and goes to sleep on a bench in the locker room.}

STRONG SAD: {on tape} Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job...

{Coach Z starts having dreams about Strong Sad jumping over a fence and saying the word "job" over and over.}

{The next day, at the athletic field, only Coach Z and Homestar are there. The scoreboard keeps track of how many times Homestar changes directions while running. Coach Z blows his whistle}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {eagerly} Well, Coach, how'd I do today?

COACH Z: Well, I tell ya. You did a great... job, {Homestar looks happily surprised} Hamstray.

{Homestar becomes annoyed and sighs. A small plume of black smoke appears over his head. He starts to leave.}

COACH Z: No, wait, I mean Hamster! I mean Stramstar. I mean Stairmaster. Homegrown! Ramrod? Humphel?!

{The words "the end" appear on the scoreboard. After a few seconds, the "Coach Z Talker" appears.}

Fun Facts


Old style Homestar?
  • This is the first full-length Homestar Runner cartoon that uses the Chaps' current animation style, albeit only for Homestar (when he's facing forward) and Coach Z. Marzipan, Strong Bad, Bubs, Strong Sad, The Cheat, Pom Pom, Strong Mad (although his M is different), and Homestar (when he's facing away), are still drawn in the old style.
    • It is revealed from the DVD commentary that this cartoon was updated after it was made. Newer character designs from the front side were added, but the back of Homestar's head was left unchanged.
      • With a flash decomplier, it's revealed that Bubs is in his design from A Jumping Jack Contest instead of the colored outline.
  • At the rate Strong Sad repeats the word job on the tape (about once per second), it would take him approximately 3 days, 7 hours, 13 minutes, and 14 seconds to say it 285,194 times.
  • This is the only time that a sidewalk in Free Country, USA can be seen. This may suggest that it has at least some pavement in it.
  • This toon contains one of the first instances of Strong Bad smiling.


  • The old pop-up menu appears on this cartoon (at the bottom). All the buttons still work. Only this toon, Lucky Toons Menu, Where's The Cheat?, Broken Tandy Menu, the Strong Bad Email Vacation Menu, and the Yearbook Character Page seem to still have it.
  • In the scene with Homestar at the chalkboard, the older version of Homestar's legs were used. They're supposed to be long and close together, but these are shorter and placed apart.
  • Marzipan says to make Coach Z's "mouth" round, even though he has no visible mouth.
  • Strong Bad's mocking of Coach Z seems out of place, considering that job and jorb actually both have the same number of syllables, one.
  • Marzipan tells Coach Z to round his mouth to make the vowel in job; however, she, like most North American English speakers, pronounces an open back unrounded vowel in the word. Also, she tells him to "make your mouth into an O, like this. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", but she pronounces "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" with a different vowel sound (approx. IPA [o]), which does not occur in the word job.
  • The name of the SWF file is cantsayjob2, despite the toon being located at cantsayjob.html. The cantsayjob.swf file used to exist, but since it was later updated to include Homestar's newest design, the file was replaced.
Nice Use of Light and shadow, without picnic supplies — brightness turned up
  • In the Coach Z talker, the voices overlap. This is most evident when selecting "jorearb" and then another word.
    • Also in the Talker, Coach Z's head doesn't move until the mouse is let go.


  • All the locks on the lockers look identical, even though the ones on the open lockers should appear to be at a different angle from the ones on the closed lockers.
  • In the chalkboard scene, Coach Z is looking toward the camera instead of at the chalkboard.
  • When Strong Sad first walks into the locker room, the label on his "job" tape is written backwards.
  • Oddly enough, when Strong Sad and Coach Z are in the locker room, the wheels on the cassette tape are spinning, even though it isn't in a tape player.
    • This goof can't be seen until Strong Sad hands the tape to Coach Z, because the tape wheels are the same gray color as Strong Sad's body.
  • While Strong Bad is laughing, his right arm is disconnected from his body.
  • In Coach Z's dream, the "JOB" words flying in the background appear under the fence, but over the small hill that it's on.
  • The sound effect of Strong Bad laughing is played too early for the second time, overlapping the first sound.
  • Near the end of the scene where Homestar is showing Pom Pom Coach Z's pronouncing of "job", Homestar's head starts to shake.
  • When Homestar is laughing in the beginning, the front of his head slightly comes off of his body.
  • During the closeup on Coach Z when Pom Pom is showing him the movie, the outline on his neck sticks out a bit from where it should.
  • Before Coach Z blows his whistle the first time, the chain on it disappears.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • In the scene with Pom Pom in the movie theater, the silhouette of Tom Servo of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame is present to the left of Coach Z. The entire scene of having the characters silhouetted against the movie screen is a parody of the style of the show.
  • Coach Z strapped into the chair in the theater is a reference to the Ludovico technique in the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange.
  • Coach Z calls Homestar Runner "Stairmaster," a reference to the Stairmaster work-out product.
  • "Pack it up, pack it in" is a reference to the House of Pain song "Jump Around."
  • The smoke cloud appearing above Homestar when Coach Z mispronounces his name is an imitation of Peanuts.
  • Coach Z's stereo is called Ghetto Blastro. This is a take on ghetto blaster, a popular nickname for boomboxes.
  • The background noises in Coach Z's dream are from the "Human Voice" preset on the Casio SK-1.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.
  • The Coach Z Talker is removed.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman)

MATT: This cartoon invents Coach Z's speech impediment—

MIKE: Yeah?

MATT: —basically, doesn't it?

MIKE: Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, he had the same voice, but he hadn't really mispronounced words. This cartoon I also feel like, sort of, was the start of the not showing a competition or sporting events-related, uh, cartoon, like Jumping Jack Contest or Marshmallow's Last Stand. It just sort of became about the characters.

MATT: The moments in-between those competitions.

MIKE: Yeah.

MATT: This is actually a redone version too, 'cause originally it was the fat-body Homestar.

MIKE: Yeah. This is the only cartoon we did this with, right?

MATT: Yeah, I—

MIKE: We went back and changed graphics?

MATT: I did it with Luau but we never updated it, we never put it on the website.

MIKE: You can tell because the back view of Homestar has the fat, old Homestar backward— back-view head.

MATT: Yeah. So there's a couple cartoons that has that in it, uh—

MIKE: Yeah, later?

MATT: I think the Stinkoman email— there's a back view of Homestar that we hadn't— it's still the fat-body Homestar back view. {Pause} Homestar's voice doesn't match his appearance here, compared to anything else on the site.

MIKE: His legs are a little short there, too.

MATT: Yeah! Look at him!

MIKE: Those might be the old, fat-body legs, too. Yeah, 'cause I bet we just updated the head, and not his legs anyway.

MATT: I remember being very proud of this montage sequence here. I thought it was... genius filmmaking. {Mike laughs} The old Marzipan mouth, too. Look at the flickering flash on that projector! There's Tom Servo, Mike!

MIKE: And this was I think the second appearance of the Poopsmith.

MATT: Yeah, that's right.

MIKE: I don't think he was still... at this point he still wasn't considered a main character.

{Pause, until Strong Bad pronounces "Job" as "Jobe"}

MATT: {Imitating} Jobe.


MIKE: I don't really, uh... we've never gone back to the brick wall location...

MATT: The graffiti wall?

MIKE: The graffiti wall.

MATT: It's a background on the Dancin' Bubs game. Sort of.

MIKE: Oh yeah, with the cardboard.

MATT: Mmm hmm. Look at that— he's got a spotlight on him! Where did that shadow come from? The spotlight that's aiming up at him from the ground. {Pause until Strong Bad laughs manically} Wow, he's really laughing there. {Pause again, until Coach Z says "How am I ever gonna face the boys at practice tomorrow?"} How's he gonna do it, Mike?

MIKE: {Imitating Strong Sad} Oh, I've got some advice for you, Lonely... Swaddler—

MATT: It's not even... you're not good enough! That's too close; you're not doing a bad enough job on your impression. {Doing a Strong Sad impression in a nasally voice that's nothing like him} This is a tape I made of a— when I practice the dictionary. Listen to it while you slumber.

MIKE: That's very good.

MATT: It's not whiny at all!

{Pause until Coach Z starts the tape}

MIKE: He must have recorded that on low quality to get 285,000... 'cause that would take a long time.

{Matt laughs}

MATT: Yeah that's true.

MIKE: More than sixty minutes, definitely.

MIKE: {As Strong Sad is jumping over a fence repeatedly} Here he goes.

MATT: There's some weird stuff with the fence, isn't there, when the word "Job" starts to kind of go through the fence... or maybe not. Look at that ball bouncing all by itself! {Both laugh} Homestar's scoring points somehow.

MIKE: I think the ball was scoring points by bouncing.

MATT: {laughs} The ball was actually—

MIKE: Or maybe Homestar got points for changing direction.

MATT: The ball was shutting Homestar out four to nothing, in the bouncing contest. {Pause until Coach Z says "Hamstray", then Matt sighs exasperatedly:} Arggh!

MIKE: Oh there's the black— I was just wondering where the black, uh, little curly frustration thing— I was gonna use that today. I couldn't remember what we used it in.

MATT: The Peanuts?

MIKE: Yeah, when—

MATT: Frustration smoke?

{Mike laughs}

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