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The All World Mid-Pro Shirtless Championship Entertainment wrestling league (often shortened to AWMPSCE is the "wrestling federation with the longest name" that Strong Bad joined in the email yes, wrestling. This league contains both solo and tag-team wrestling matches, and features ranks such as "fizzleweight" and special "Pay Per Viewvor Series" events.

Known Members

  • Strong Bad as Sir Boliver Turnbuckle, il Cartographer, and many others
  • Homestar Runner as The Jack-Em-Up Kid
  • Strong Mad as various
  • The Cheat as Mr. Cheatiyama
  • Gary the Legend as himself

Known Teams

  • Strong Bad and Strong Mad
    • The Wild Vacationers, The Foreign Object Bros., The Sanctum of Spiky Shoulder Pads (Arby and Rax), The Facepaint Connection
  • Homestar Runner (as The Jack-Em-Up Kid) and Gary the Legend
    • (name unknown)
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