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A. Chimendez (silhouette) in the recording studio with Crack Stuntman.

A. Chimendez is scriptwriter, director, and producer for various low quality television programs and movies, most notably the Cheat Commandos. He may be a television equivalent of Lem Sportsinterviews.

Chimendez finally appeared (in silhouette form) in The Next Epi-Snowed, trying to control Crack Stuntman from going too far off script. He finally had to take over as a character named Agent Chimendez. Chimendez is shown wearing a hat, having frizzy hair, a goatee, and speaking with a vaguely Latin accent.

The name A. Chimendez is similar to that of Mexico-born B. Melendez, who is best known as the late animator and director of the Peanuts television specials (and the voice of Snoopy) as well as A. Martinez, a television actor most prominent in the 1980s and 1990s.

Known Scripts

Other Chimendezes

You'd better believe it!

Several other figures with the surname Chimendez have appeared, though their relation to A. Chimendez is not specified.

  • A. Chimendez Jr. wrote the Cheat Commandos episode "Movie Night!". It is unclear if this writer is the son of A. Chimendez, or if this is A. Chimendez's full name.

The page title of Let us give TANKS! reads "A Very Tremendous Chimendez Thanksgiving".

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