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Stapling it down since 1996
Not to be confused with Strong Bad's Twitter account of the same name.

@strongbadactual is Strong Bad's Instagram account. It became active on September 27, 2015, coming to public attention when Strong Bad linked to it on his Twitter account.


no pic

Fun with Kick the Cheat voiceboxes!

25 Aug 2017

You take the big guy!

24 Aug 2017

Whoa! This isometric graph paper is like magic, man!! Lookit me just pixelating right off the page!

19 Aug 2017

Does this count as secret eating?

8 Aug 2017

Homestar taking the new Virtualectrix headset for a spin. You think he has virtual invisible arms in the virtual world too? Those would be hard to pick up keycards and health packs with.

4 Aug 2017

no pic

Rare tech demo for the canceled GameBoy game: Limozeen Guitar Tabz & Tunerz. What a loss!

26 Jul 2017

You guys! This is so great! I can't stop letting it get so great!

24 Jul 2017

no pic

Strong Bad Muskrat Filter Pack DLC now available!

20 Jul 2017

no pic

In-app purchases have never been more worth it, you guys!!

17 Jul 2017

Lookit that oval of Graw Mad goodness in the middle there!

10 Feb 2017

Wishing you the exact same holiday.

22 Dec 2016

the earth rots...

17 Nov 2016

This is how we get treated backstage.

2 Sep 2016

Burninating the troposphere!
(With apologies to @usinterior, couldn't help myself)

17 Aug 2016

Now you're speakin' my language dusty Yaris! Btw congrats on 72.7k miles! #sodrived

15 Aug 2016

Um, these are long lost me and Homestar designs by Craig Zobel from '96. I am cold and frightened and dunno what to think about this.

10 Aug 2016

Check it out! This is, like, the new Rushmore. (RIP fleshtangle mouth)

8 Aug 2016

Oh man! The long-lost Trog-font! From an unused dvd menu idea. Now who wants to make the whole dang alphabet?!

4 Aug 2016

The original document! In only-partially-sucked-on-and-dropped-on-the-carpet mint condition!!

2 Aug 2016

The unholiest of matrimonies!
by @thebeewithwheels

19 Oct 2015

no pic

Caught in a fhqwh-loop!!

6 Oct 2015

I have a rectangle mouth and I must scream.

12 Aug 2015

I ask my friend Joe. Then, after a short deliberation, I ask my friend Jake.

3 Aug 2015

I'm sad that I'm dry-erase.

27 Jul 2015

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