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Not to be confused with Strong Bad's Instagram account of the same name.

@StrongBadActual is Strong Bad's Twitter account. It posts a variety of original text, images, and videos, some promoting recent Homestar Runner projects, others responding to fans. It became active on September 26, 2014, after having lain dormant since its creation in September 2011. The account came to public attention when Brothers Chaps-collaborator Craig Zobel retweeted the account's first post.

In sbemail206, The Paper reads ">tweet here to email strong bad @StrongBadActual". This is the first and so far only time the account has been mentioned on homestarrunner.com.



My upcoming new jam!!

Although unconfirmed, the account's manager is probably Mike and/or Matt Chapman. Evidence for this may be found within the account's contents.

  • Craig Zobel, close friend of The Brothers Chaps, retweeted the first post. At the time, the account had, at most, a few hundred followers.
  • Later, the account was promoted by Alex Hirsch, who worked closely with Matt on Gravity Falls during most of the hiatus.
  • The account's icon is a shot of the original Puppet Stuff Strong Bad and a handcrafted The Cheat puppet. Only two of the former are known to exist (both owned by the Chapman family) and the latter is a one-of-a-kind handmade item.
  • Handwriting and doodles consistent with Matt's appear in several pictures, as well as elaborate setups of Tandy and Compy electronics.
  • The account became active in late September of 2014, the general time frame Matt said he hoped updates would resume on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show.
    • During the same interview, he said "And we'll see, it depends on how whole hog we go, if we give Strong Bad a Twitter account... as part of a relaunch."

The account was proven to be officially run on October 3, 2014, when Fish Eye Lens was released on the main website. The post from September 27, almost a week before, featured an ASCII version of one of the scenes from the toon, calling it a scene from his "new jam" (the toon referred to a "number one jam"), and the profile pic was taken with a fisheye lens.


Help me fill in the blanks. Winner gets both their ding AND their dang email checked.

23 May 2017

no pic

Happy World Puppet Day apparently!

21 Mar 2017

no pic

Here in Free Country USA, we've got something waaay betterworse than that naked ol' Cupid. Behold! #themakeromancer

13 Feb 2017

no pic

Found this horrifying snippet in a rusty film canister in the attic. Thought maybe you guys could ruin your exes' vamlumtimes with it.

12 Feb 2017

YouTube link to 20th anniversary toon: youtu.be/l5prB1agTOA (sadly does not feature this scene featuring undies-on-head Strong Bad)

27 Dec 2016

Happy Decemberween! Have a not-Decemberween 20th anniversary cartoon! Hurry and watch before it's not 2016 anymore! http://www.homestarrunner.com/goes4gold.html

25 Dec 2016

Hey @Lin_Manuel, it's not as awesome as 200 sbemails or anything but congrats on a millz followers. #1MillionGifs

22 Nov 2016

Just in time for Thanksgiving, it's Fan Costume Fun-Of Make 2016!
yt: youtu.be/esRlvwK660g
flash: homestarrunner.com/fanstumes16.html

18 Nov 2016

Hey @lukesawczak, here's how you spell it according to my original brainstorm sheet (no stealing the ideas I didn't use yet!)

18 Nov 2016

NEW Halloween Thing!!
Flashy-flash: http://www.homestarrunner.com/ween16.html
Respect and condone!

28 Oct 2016

Btw, I didn't misspell "silhouette-y" up there. It's actually a misspelled promo for "Silhooty: the silhouette owl that loves typos!"

27 Oct 2016

Oh my graphics! The Halloween edition of Joystick Wagglin' with Videlectrix is live! Best survival horror game ever! https://youtu.be/SZ7-TKdt9BU

26 Oct 2016

It's that silhouttey time of year, people! And don't forget to tweet me your Homestar-themed costumes if you scramble one together!

26 Oct 2016

no pic

I grudgingly admit that this moment from Friday's show @VenkmansATL was pretty awesome. (dunno who the scrungely beardo is, tho)

9 Oct 2016

Meanwhile, Dumbstar is traveling in ultra sub-prime economy class. #xoxofest

9 Sep 2016

So I guess I'm supposed to do this, right, Portland? Take a pic of my feet with my mouth apparently?

9 Sep 2016

no pic

Holy paunch!! This is extensive! And up to the minute-accurate! https://t.co/yaUI9lxSIR

5 Sep 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to @VenkmansATL on Fri! Twas a blast!! (also thanks to dead muskrat hanging on wall)

4 Sep 2016

Where's sloshy, @zachlubarsky? They refused to sound check and just stood there staring at the sound tech like this:

3 Sep 2016

no pic

Watch Limozeen casually shred Nite Mamas at last night's sound check!

3 Sep 2016

no pic

Practicing Fisheye Lens with my fisheye lens. Things are just about to start getting crazy-go-bulbous.

31 Aug 2016

no pic

Yes @EdbotnikThe! I can finally use my robopants to kick the crap outta that slum lord Tom Nook and the whole Nook crime family!

30 Aug 2016

no pic

Bandgeresque practice! Note to cool self: get smaller cool, cool glasses to fit new, less-husky head.

23 Aug 2016

First live show sold out so we added a SECOND SHOW in October! Second show, second heads! http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1296159

23 Aug 2016

We're sellin, like, every old t-shirt design! Remember the Nebulon shirt? Neither do I! homestore-runner.myshopify.com/collections/shirts

22 Aug 2016

Yup @lizzylizzard04, my very THOUGHTS are canon. In fact, now YOU'RE an in-universe bottle of EVOO with webbed feet!

20 Aug 2016

Shh! @dan_r_parsons @OsakaJack You may be more right than you know! #TGS_ShatteredLives_ThisFallOnLifetime

19 Aug 2016

Oh, @OsakaJack it's my new show about an emotionally damaged robot detective and his adopted 6 year old partner.

18 Aug 2016

no pic

Practicing for our live show with my new loop pedal and my new chinmouth! #technolive

18 Aug 2016

Burninating the troposphere!
(with apologies to @USInterior and their kickawesome instagram photo, I had to do it)

17 Aug 2016

So cool @Wazzaldorp! You made me 'gonna have to jump'-ing out of the ending of Bionic Commando!!

15 Aug 2016

no pic

THIS is how more humans should spend their spare time, @CaulinLucas! Nice work! The soft midi notes melt over my ears like processed cheese!

10 Aug 2016

Just so's you know, this mess is what's turning 20, not our website. That started in 2000 when all websites began.

9 Aug 2016

Lookit all this wildlife @Phantomazing! Alert @Sir_Attenboroug, We need one of them BBC doc's with the slowmo deaths

8 Aug 2016

Sorry @pullahoko, it's no match for the king of the deep. #steepprices #trees

8 Aug 2016

Check it out! This is, like, the new Rushmore. (RIP fleshtangle mouth)

8 Aug 2016

no pic

This is for all the whiners who keep saying how old our 20th anniversary makes them feel. Hope it helps!

4 Aug 2016

no pic

Linkx for tix: http://www.ticketfly.com/ev... (also, psst! Venkman's! my name is two words! two dang words, man! spacebar is my middle name!)

1 Aug 2016

ATL fans! 20 yrs ago, 2 dudes walked into a Kinko's and sorta changed one or two things forever! Come celebrate!

31 Jul 2016

no pic

Oh mandang you guys... Band practice. #preparethyself

26 Jul 2016

Easy @coffeeordie! Just chuck a Cheatball at him!

22 Jul 2016

It's been a long day of shooting. #desknap

19 Jul 2016

I caught a wild Dijjery-doo! #mariopainta

18 Jul 2016

Oh dang-dag! @DeFriendlyTroll was right!! Elephant seals DO eat penguins!!

26 Apr 2016

I'd always assumed he was part elephant, but the afternoon sun reveals Dumptake's possible seal origins:

26 Apr 2016


23 Apr 2016

THIS is what we've been working towards, people!!

23 Apr 2016

I like the way you splode, @AAPLTree

22 Apr 2016

Oh man, I keep havin' this one dream...

22 Apr 2016

But the science was sound! SOUND I say!!
New Marzipan's Answering Machine:

1 Apr 2016

Check out these alternate test sentences from sbemail120 'radio!' Still think I picked the best one. #homestarchives

18 Mar 2016

no pic

Teen Trogor-squad?! Great idea @Band1tDav3

13 Jan 2016

My original Trog-brainstorm sheet! Today, Troggie officially enters his teens! #Trogday

13 Jan 2016

I'll never be able to call Strong Sad "The Thick White Dump" again without shedding a little tear.

11 Jan 2016

Watch me unleash a full snark salad on these nice fans!
flash: http://bit.ly/1MmqEJa
yt: https://youtu.be/MPyhaxA6L88

10 Nov 2015

Waitaminute! The new Videlectrix handheld is just a phone case?! That's worse than the N-Gage and Gizmondo combined!

9 Nov 2015

no pic

Tweet your worst H*R-themed costumes at me, that I may properly compile and ridicule them on my website!

2 Nov 2015

Check my haunted house in this year's Ween Toon!
Flash: http://bit.ly/1M3xmac
YT: https://youtu.be/uCNQsmpN-G8

29 Oct 2015

Hey Homestar, I really like your costume:
(get excited about silhouettes, y'all)

21 Oct 2015

no pic

Caught in a fhqwh-loop!! https://instagram.com/p/8gW4yaySwH/

6 Oct 2015

Also, who doesn't want to watch THIS spinoff?!

30 Sep 2015

Ocelot & the Porridge Maiden. Now with added dumbness! Flash: http://bit.ly/1KM1wg7 YT: http://youtu.be/Ju2Nor8xJUQ

30 Sep 2015

no pic

Listen up tightly! Here's the answer b/w reward to Monday's Sbemailsong Mystery!

17 Sept 2015

no pic

Oh crapst! The last one was from #36 Guitar! Now which sbemail is this classic flesh-eating ear-worm from?!

14 Sept 2015

no pic

It's SBemailsong Myst-Mon! Quick which Golden Age sbemail is this li'l krangle from?

24 Aug 2015

no pic

Dangwhoa! I frikkin HATE Homestar but I'd still hang this on my wall (mostly to chuck discount bricks at).

22 Aug 2015

@devilcrosswords Stack em to the heavens for reals!!

21 Aug 2015

That's cool and all, @myrnehr, but it can't compare to The Cheat's phat Casio staxx!

20 Aug 2015

no pic

The answer to yestroday's Sbemailsong Mystery!

18 Aug 2015

no pic

Oh schlonsk! I keep gettin smaller on Sbemailsong Mystery Monday. Which half-classic sbemail is this from?

17 Aug 2015

no pic

Aw paumpf! It's Sbemailsong Trivia Tuesday! Which forgettable Sbemail is this little scrumble from?

11 Aug 2015

Oh, also we're all doomed. flash:

3 Aug 2015

no pic

Sbemailsong Mystery Monday! What not-so-classic sbemail is plushie Strong Bad waggling his head about?

3 Aug 2015

no pic

The answer to yessaday's Sbemail Song Mystery!

28 Jul 2015

no pic

Oh dansk! It's Sbemail Song Mystery Monday! Which Sbemail is this li'l nugg from?

27 Jul 2015

Help #RaiseTheRothfuss errybody! (@PatrickRothfuss) His charity gives people goats! #Goatfuss http://bit.ly/gdg2015

1 Jun 2015

Watch me improve a nerdbook for a nerdbook-writing Beardo's charity drive:

1 Jun 2015


23 Apr 2015

This tweet was pressed on 180 gram colored vinyl.
youtube: youtu.be/XecNSd_lOYs
flash: homestarrunner.com/

18 Apr 2015

Aw paunch! Just got my new Compy Phone. Does anybody know which one of these cables is the car charger?!

14 Apr 2015

3D print your own dang Lappier! My gift to you on this fine Apro Foo Day. STL file: homestarrunner.com/

1 Apr 2015

I said some words in a sequence I found very pleasing. Maybe you will too. youtu.be/NhfHM3jlKnU

1 Apr 2015

New Ween Toon YouTube link for the Flash-ularly impaired. youtu.be/l_-SgC_lyCo

30 Oct 2014

Witness the horror of the new Halloween cartoon: homestarrunner.com/

30 Oct 2014

Attn: Internet. If you come across this game DO NOT BUY! Despite the exquisite artwork it is NOT an official product!

25 Oct 2014

For 5 years the Weekly Fanstuff has suffered under the tyranny of the Homestar Doorknocka! Sic Homestar Tyrannis!

22 Oct 2014

Psst! Hey D. Pweb! Know where a private eye/crooked cop can score some rounds for one of these babies? #nunchukgun

21 Oct 2014

Seriously you juys. Time for some real talk about Halloween safety!

20 Oct 2014

Just gonna leave this here for you guys. Edgarware is shareware after all.

15 Oct 2014

Too many 'How do you tweet with boxing gloves on' tweets! Must... drop... train on em!!

15 Oct 2014

And last but not least, I'm pretty sure I just triggered the singularity.

10 Oct 2014

Oh staunch. Tried a different email client and now it's just mocking me!

8 Oct 2014

Uh, anyone know what to do when a body gets THIS error:

7 Oct 2014

Just me and Coach Z givin the pyorple what they want: youtu.be/rbvxlvSIIww

3 Oct 2014

Finally filled this up! Now does anybody know the address I'm sposed to mail this to so I can get verified?

2 Oct 2014

Oh damp!! Got it running on both drives!! Now I think I can re-tweet! — SB

30 Sep 2014

High-res screengrab from my upcoming new jam!! — SB

27 Sep 2014

Hey! It worked!! — SB

26 Sep 2014

no pic


26 Sep 2014

Am I doing this right?! — SB

26 Sep 2014

Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad's foray into social media has been with his crappy computer equipment, and his early posts mostly document that.
  • The background image of the account is The Paper, which is also seen in several Twitpics.
  • His Twitter bio reads, "i don't trust any device i can't mash ctrl+alt+del on".
  • His Twitter location is "Strong Badia- Free Country USA".
  • In October 2016, he changed his Twitter username from "Strong Bad" to "Strange Bood". By early November it was reverted.
  • The account currently has almost 40,000 followers.

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