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@StrongBadActual is Strong Bad's Twitter account. It became active on September 26, 2014, after having lain dormant since its creation in September 2011. The account came to public attention when Brothers Chaps-collaborator Craig Zobel retweeted the account's first post.

Strong Bad's foray into social media has been with his crappy computer equipment, and his posts thus far mostly document that. The background image of the account is The Paper, which is also seen in several Twitpics.



The account's manager is probably Matt Chapman (although this is not confirmed). Evidence for this may be found within the account's contents.

  • Craig Zobel, close friend of The Brothers Chaps, retweeted the first post. At the time, the account had, at most, a few hundred followers.
  • Later, the account was promoted by Alex Hirsch, who worked closely with Matt on Gravity Falls during most of the hiatus.
  • The account's icon is a shot of Puppet Stuff Strong Bad and a discontinued Kick The Cheat doll. Only two of the former are known to exist (both owned by the Chapman family) and the latter is an exceedingly rare collector's item.
  • Handwriting and doodles consistent with Matt's appear in several pictures, as well as elaborate setups of Tandy and Compy electronics.
  • The account became active in late September of 2014, the general time frame Matt said he hoped updates would resume on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show.
  • During the same interview, he said "And we'll see, it depends on how whole hog we go, if we give Strong Bad a Twitter account... as part of a relaunch."
My upcoming new jam!!

The account was proven to be officially run on October 3, 2014, when Fish Eye Lens was released on the main website. The post from September 27, almost a week before, featured an ASCII version of one of the scenes from the toon, calling it a scene from his "new jam" (the toon referred to a "number one jam"), and the profile pic was taken with a fisheye lens.


Fun Facts


  • Strong Bad was shown to enjoy unlicensed products in the sbemail licensed, yet in the tweet for October 25th, 2014, Strong Bad dislikes unlicensed products.
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