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"Go for the 8-track!"

In the 1970s, the big recording sensation was the 8-track tape. They were clunky and prone to being destroyed, but like any obsolete technology, Strong Bad makes occasional reference to them.


  • Strong Bad Sings — Strong Bad claims that the song collection is available on 8-track cassettes.
  • Email mascot — One of the members of the Pile Of Electronics State team is an 8-track player.
  • Email road tripThe Cheat crams a CD into The Gremlin's 8-track player, which is labeled "8-TRAX".
  • Happy DethemberweenCoach Z states that The Thnikkaman put 8-tracks in his slippers "in his day".
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad has a 7-Track player in his bedroom, saying that its lack of a play button was its downfall.
  • Baddest Of The Bands — The 7-Track returns, and Strong Bad remembers when he used to put Strong Sad's retainer in there to "make it feel like it's still part of the team".
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Strong Bad once again notes the 7-Track player, mentioning its lack of an on-button, speakers, or any place to insert a tape.

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