3 Times Halloween Funjob (song)

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The photograph of the deceased was electric, but the two box Oreos were too hectic.

3 Times Halloween Funjob is an instrumental theme that plays at the beginning of the Halloween toon of the same name. It was also featured on day 11 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar and covered by sloshy, who performed the song onstage with lyrics.


Detailed Information

Album: Degradest Hits
Track: 10
Time: 2:00
Artist(s): sloshy
Style: Alternative/indie
Origin: Based on the music from the beginning of 3 Times Halloween Funjob.


The first job was electric
The second job was too hectic
But the third job was a very fun job

Last Halloween was atrocious
The next Halloween no one knows us
But the third Halloween is a very fun job
(Very very fun job, very very fun)

One time I got mono
Two times I went solo
But the three times I had a very fun
Three times I had a very fun job
(Very very fun job, very very fun)

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