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*Strong Mad also had visible chest hairs in [[Marshmallow's Last Stand]].
*Strong Mad also had visible chest hairs in [[Marshmallow's Last Stand]].
*Homestar Runner knocks on Marzipan's door with his head. In [[The Reddest Radish]], ''she'' knocked on ''his'' door in the same way.
*Homestar Runner knocks on Marzipan's door with his head. In [[The Reddest Radish]], ''she'' knocked on ''his'' door in the same way.
*The joke that no one knows what Strong Bad is dressed up as is taken to a new level when Strong Bad himself says he is Carmen Miranda (but he stops himself when he starts saying "Miranda")
===Real-World References===
===Real-World References===

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Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat go toilet-papering. Strong Sad and Marzipan try to contact the spirit of Credenza, her dead ficus plant. The rest of the crew go trick-or-treating.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Bubs, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Marzipan, Strong Mad, The Cheat, The King of Town, Pom Pom, Coach Z, Stinkoman (Easter egg), The Poopsmith, Homsar (Easter egg), The Goblin

See 3 Times Halloween Funjob Costumes for more information on what everyone was wearing.

Places: Bubs' Concession Stand, Marzipan's House, Spooky Woods, The Stick, The Halloween House, Tennis Court (Easter egg)

Date: Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

Running Time: 6:00

Page Title: Get Scared NOW! Ask me how!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2



{The scene opens with Homestar Runner at Bubs' Concession Stand, finalizing a transaction.}

BUBS: ...and 16 cents is your change. {drops the change on the counter}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa! Free money!

BUBS: So, what are you gettin' into tonight, Homestar?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I dunno. {rubs his foot on the ground} Marzipan and those are gonna try to summon the spirit of her dead ficus plant, but that sounds dumb and boring. So I'll probably just end up trick-or-treatin'.

BUBS: What about Strong Bad? What's he doin'?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I dunno. You can never tell with that guy.

{Strong Bad approaches the concession stand.}

STRONG BAD: Ok, Bubs. I'll have 90 rolls of toilet paper and 60 dozen eggs. {looks around} ...And a corn dog.

BUBS: I got it all packed up for you in the wagon 'round back.

STRONG BAD: Thanks, pally.

{Strong Bad and Bubs go around back.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What is he up to?



a halloween-type cartoon by the brothers chaps

talkings by matt and missy


MARZIPAN: Now Strong Sad, I need to make contact with Credenza. Homestar watered him with Yoo-Hoo while I was in Miami and he died and now I really miss him.

STRONG SAD: Okay. I'll need a photograph of the deceased {she gives him one} and two box Oreos. {Marzipan does a slight double-take.}

{cut to Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat in their costumes with their supplies for the evening}

STRONG BAD: Oh, this is gonna be so great you guys. Everybody's houses and pumpkins and trees won't know what hit 'em. {quickly and high-pitched} This is gonna be great!

{The King of Town walks up.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Hey, guys. What's up? What are we doing here? Making omelettes? Going to the bathroom? I'm cool with that.

STRONG BAD: Get out of here, old man! We're gonna be pelting people like you and houses like your castle with these eggs.

THE KING OF TOWN: C'mon! Let me hang out!

STRONG BAD: No way! Forget it! C'mon, los dudes. Let's go hit Marzipan's gaze-bo.

{they all leave and the King of Town chases after them.}

THE KING OF TOWN: I'm dressed to Hamburgle... Robble! Robble!

{cut to Homestar, Pom Pom, Coach Z, and Bubs standing around in their costumes}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I bet I get... a million pounds of candy this year. A million pounds!

BUBS: Whatever. I'm goin' for quality over quantity.

COACH Z: Same here, Bubsy. I'm holdin' out for cookies with gold-plated chocolate chorps!

{Bubs sighs}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: We'll see about that. C'mon, Pom Pom. Let's go find some houses giving away lead candies!

{Cut to a view of the sky.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Let 'er rip! {The Cheat grunts as many rolls of toilet paper are thrown into the air. The camera pans back to show that The Stick is covered, while Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat stand nearby.} Yes! All will tremble at the crack of our eggs and the hush of our 2-ply toilet papers.

{The King of Town walks up again.}

THE KING OF TOWN: I know how to use toilet paper. Let me try.

STRONG BAD: Listen... ahem... "Your Highness". We're about to egg the everloving crap out of your castle. It just won't be any fun if you're standing there!

THE KING OF TOWN: Yeah it will! On account o' I'm totally cool!

STRONG BAD: {quickly and quietly} No, you're not. {in a normal voice} But we're prepared to give you a dozen of these eggs {The Cheat grunts as if saying "here" as he lays down a carton of eggs in front of The King of Town} and let you wash it down with a roll of toilet paper, {Strong Mad throws a roll of toilet paper next to the eggs} in exchange for you leaving us alone for the rest of eternity.

THE KING OF TOWN: {delighted} It's a deal! {The King runs off, taking his eggs and toilet paper with him.}

STRONG BAD: That's what I thought.

{cuts to a door opening to reveal Coach Z and Bubs}

BUBS: What the? Oh, I remember this house from a couple of years ago.

COACH Z: Track or Trort!

BUBS: C'mon, man.

COACH Z: Okay, Trick or Treat.

{At this point you can choose what candy to give them by dragging it onto them.}

Swedish Fish

COACH Z: Oh, the Swordish Forsh!

BUBS: What did I just tell you?

COACH Z: Cut me some slack. It's a crowd-pleaser.

{door closes}

Delicious "Bag"

COACH Z: What is that? One of them old school candies? I got some old school for youse. {rapping} This year Halloween falls on a weekend. Me and Ghetto Boys are trick-or-treatin'. Robbin' little kids for bags.

BUBS: Uh... he doesn't really mean we've been out robbin' little kids. {door begins to close} No, wai— {slam}


BUBS: Aw, ZAG-nut!

COACH Z: Yeah. Aw, Zagnut!

BUBS: No, no. Aw, ZAAAG-nut!

COACH Z: Right, right. Aww, ZAAAAG-nut!


{You can also choose nothing by clicking anywhere on the screen, but not giving them a treat. If you do this, the door closes, and reopens with Stinkoman dressed as Speed Racer. You can also drag the pumpkin near the door onto Bubs or Coach Z to trigger this.}

STINKOMAN: Check out my new cohs-PLAY! I'm a demon on wheels!


STINKOMAN: I can't eat that kind of bar because I'm in training. Don't you have of the other kinds of bars? You know... energy bars... or power bars... or training bars?


STINKOMAN: I love prawns. Simple as that! {dances}

Jar labeled "Akira"

STINKOMAN: Eh. Ew. Aah! Nnn! Eh! Ew! Ahhhhh! {Giant tentacles and veins start coming out his body where his right arm should be} That tickles.

{cuts to Pom Pom and Homestar walking along}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Wow, Pom Pom. Did you know that lady? Why'd she give you a hundred bucks? All's I got was a dang old Bit o' Honey.

{they stop at The Poopsmith, dressed up, who is sticking his shovel in and out of a pile of whatsit}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, Pom Pom. You knock this time. {Pom Pom does nothing} Fine. I'll ring the doorbell. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! {He rocks his head back and forth as if his head were a bell} The Poopsmith! Trick or treat! {The Poopsmith offers some of his dung. Pom Pom bubbles something and leaves} Suit yourself. More for me. Lay it on me, Poop-Stick!

{cuts to Strong Sad in his seance}

STRONG SAD: Credenza! Credwenzia! Crewdenz—

MARZIPAN: It's been two hours and we haven't heard anything. Credenza must hate me.

STRONG SAD: No, no! Maybe I just need to do this some more. Credenzel!!!

{they hear a knocking sound}

MARZIPAN: What's that? That must be him.

STRONG SAD: Yup. That sounds like a ficus.

{Cut to Homestar Runner on the porch}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let, me, in. {hits the door with his head as each word is spoken} Da, da, da. Let me in!

MARZIPAN: {opening the door} Hey, you're not a dead ficus plant!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You're so smart. I'm Homestar Runn—

MARZIPAN: Get in here, you guys. You're gonna scare away Credenza.

{Cut to the King of Town, eating the last of his toilet paper.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Doo! Not bad for a first course. ...I'm still hungry.

{cuts back to everyone at Marzipan's house}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I told you I'd get a million libs of candy.

BUBS: That sure doesn't smell like candy.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {slightly angry} Hey, you're right! Poopsmith, did you give me some bum candy?

BUBS: {snickers} He sure did!

MARZIPAN: Any minute now. {electrical disturbances occur} Oooo!

STRONG SAD: Whoa! Electrical disturbances. There's definitely a powerful spirit present.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You mean, like, the spirit of giving?

{Outside, the King of Town is eating a string of candy corn lights}

THE KING OF TOWN: {eating noises}

{Marzipan walks up}

MARZIPAN: You've got to be kidding me! Stop doing that right now.

{she goes back in}

THE KING OF TOWN: Stop what? I don't do nothing!

MARZIPAN: Stupid, stupid King of Town. He gets on my nerv—{loud banging occurs} What the crap!?

STRONG SAD: I think this is it!

{outside, Strong Mad is punching the side of the house with a roll of toilet paper over and over}


STRONG BAD: {sitting on throne made from stacks of toilet paper rolls} Uhhh, that's not really the conventional way to roll a house, but, uh, whatever works!

{From inside, we see that Strong Mad punches a hole in the side of the house.}


MARZIPAN: Oh, hi, Strong Mad. {mumbles} Stupid. This is stupid. He ate the candy corn lights.

STRONG BAD: Whoa. What's going on in here? You guys having one of those stupid moron parties or something?

STRONG SAD: Okay. Everybody say it with me this time.

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} This is boring!

STRONG SAD AND MARZIPAN: {simultaneously} Credenza!

COACH Z: {simultaneously} Cradernza!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {simultaneously} Witch's brew!

{A sudden gust of wind blows the candles out and the room goes dark.}

STRONG SAD: Whoa. The lights went out.


BUBS: Yup. I've dealt with this before. Lights: definitely out.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And somebody's a-grabbin' a-my butt.

{the lights come on and there is a ficus plant on the table}

MARZIPAN: Credenza! You're alive!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Saints be praised! Credenza's alive!


HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...and Strong Bad got to throw toilet paper at stuff!


HOMESTAR RUNNER:... and I got a million pounds of candy! {No one cheers.} {quietly, to himself} Yay. {to the group} ...and the goblin showed up, dressed up like up a Santaman.

{cut to The Goblin, who dances. His trademark music plays as he does.}

ALL: Yay!

Easter Eggs

  • In the scene where you give Bubs and Coach Z candy, any mouse click that doesn't result in candy being given results in Stinkoman appearing, dressed as Speed Racer (see the transcript).
  • When Homestar says "I told you I'd get a million libs of candy" you can click on The Poopsmith's head until the scene ends to see Homsar's secret costume, Slash from Guns N' Roses.
HOMSAR: AaAaAaI'm open for interpretation!
You can't be serious!
  • At the end when everyone is standing around, click the rightmost candycorn light (the one that's not lit) to see a bonus video! See "External Links" to view this video.
{Puppet Homestar is at a tennis court dressed as John McEnroe, holding a tennis racket.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Seriously! You can't be serious! That ball was on the line! {taps ground with his racket} Come on! I don't believe this. {he throws his racket on the ground and storms off.}
  • After the cartoon is over you can click on some people to make things happen. These people are:
    • The Poopsmith
    {The Poopsmith rockets off to the right, flaming. (This is M.Bison's Psycho Crusher move)}
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Cool. Flaming Poopsmith.
    {The Poopsmith reappears from the left.}
    • Strong Bad
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Strong Bad, I really like your El Debarge costume.
    STRONG BAD: I'm not El Debarge.
    BUBS: No, no, he's Miami Sound Machine.
    STRONG BAD: No, I'm not.
    COACH Z: He's Terence Trent D'arby!
    STRONG BAD: No, I'm Carmen freakin' Mir—no, wait. I'm Ozone. From Breakin'.
    • Strong Sad
    COACH Z: Well, Strong Sad, this is a beautiful house you got here.
    STRONG SAD: This is not my beautiful house!
    COACH Z: Oh, and I haven't been introduced to your beautiful wife yet, neither.
    STRONG SAD: This is not my beautiful wife!
    • The Cheat
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, The Cheat... Um... Dress up as something different next year. Thing's creeping me out.
    • Bubs
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Say, Bubs, I really like your dirty man outfit.
    BUBS: Whatever you say, Homestar.
    • Marzipan
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Marzipan, what's with your sweater costume?
    STRONG BAD: The Log Lady, huh? {amused} Maybe you should get together with the Poopsmith!
    • Coach Z
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Coach Z, I really like your Wesley Snakes outfit.
    COACH Z: I'm Kool Moe Dee! You know, from The Treacherous 3?
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, see, I only saw Treacherous 1 and 2, so, um, I wouldn't know.

Fun Facts


  • When Homestar says "I told you I'd get a million libs of candy", he is trying to pronounce the abbreviation of pounds: "lbs".
  • Cosplay (as mentioned in Stinkoman's greeting) is a form of dress-up done usually at anime conventions, where people dress up as anime characters they enjoy.
  • A credenza is a piece of furniture, usually wooden, with a long top and several drawers for storing dinner- and silverware. It is most commonly used as a buffet setting for large meals. Less commonly, a credenza desk is a piece of office furniture having a long flat top and often containing file drawers, a kneehole, and accessories for a computer.


  • Bit o' Honey, Zagnut, and Swedish Fish are actual candies.
  • The first sound the King of Town makes when he eats the candy corn lights is the same as when he eats the food flung at him in the game Revenge of the King.
  • There are a total of ten Easter eggs in this cartoon, even more than the Strong Bad Emails flashback and retirement.
  • In the Sketchbook, it is revealed that a rejected Marzipan costume for an early Halloween toon was also a Speed Racer costume, Trixie.
  • If you zoom in on the change Bubs gives Homestar, all of the coins (a dime, a nickel, and a penny) have George Washington on them, even though George Washington is only on the U.S. quarter and one-dollar bill in real life.
  • The noise Stinkoman makes when he dances (when you give him the prawn) is the same sound effect that Pan-Pan uses to talk.
  • This is the first Homestar Halloween toon to actually include the word "halloween" in the title.
  • This is the first major Halloween toon where the loading screen does not include any type of game.
  • Up until Halloween Fairstival, this was the longest holiday toon on the site.


  • This Halloween episode carries on the tradition in which a secret scene with Homsar is activated by interacting with the Poopsmith somehow.
  • In every other Halloween episode (except the first, for the obvious reason that Homsar didn't exist yet), activating Homsar causes him to appear with the rest of the group at the end. This episode is the exception—whether or not you activate Homsar or Stinkoman, they do not appear at the end.
  • This is one of the first times that Coach Z demonstrates his ability to speak without his trademark Upper Midwestern accent.
  • The rings around The Cheat's right "foot" (part of his Izzy costume) may suggest that this portion of his anatomy is actually a tail.
  • When Homestar and Pom Pom are walking together, you can see that Homestar's wig shakes, but Pom Pom's necklace stays in place.
  • In the final group shot, each time you click on a character to activate an Easter egg, Strong Bad closes his mouth (whether or not he has any lines) and opens it again once each egg is finished. Coach Z's arm also moves a little bit when Easter Eggs are activated in the last scene.
  • At the end of the Poopsmith's Easter egg on the final screen, the Poopsmith walks back into the frame. Not only is this one of the few times we ever see him walk, but he has knees (at least in this costume).
  • During the scene with the "electrical disturbance," it is unclear how problems with the house's power could be affecting the candles on the table, seemingly the only light source in the room.
  • This is the first time Marzipan says crap on the website and the only time Missy Palmer is known to have said it. Marzipan says crap in Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True, but was voiced by Matt Chapman in that toon.


  • When The Cheat and The Brothers Strong leave The Stick after their deal with the King of Town, The Cheat's torch reappears in his hand/paw.
  • When Bubs says he has all of Strong Bad's stuff 'round back, his upper arm looks disconnected from his lower arm.
  • When Strong Sad chants "Credenza" with the rest of the group, his mouth doesn't move.
  • During every Easter egg on the end screen accessible by clicking on a character, Strong Mad is illuminated.

Inside References

  • The Cheat's costume refers to the first Homestar Runner book, which was written during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when Mike Chapman was a light rigger for the Australian telecasts of those games.
  • Strong Bad references the first Halloween toon when he says "I'm Carmen freakin Miranda!" and the second Halloween toon when he says "I'm Carmen freakin Sandiego!"
  • The Delicious "Bag" first appeared in Mr. Shmallow.
  • This toon marks the fourth time Witches' Brew, an inside joke of tremendous proportions, has been mentioned.
  • Though now focused on the King of Town's castle, Strong Bad previously wanted to "egg the everloving crap" out of Marzipan's house in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 7.0.
  • Bubs's line "I remember this house from a couple of years ago.", as well as the whole scene, is an obvious reference to The House that Gave Sucky Treats.
  • Strong Mad also had visible chest hairs in Marshmallow's Last Stand.
  • Homestar Runner knocks on Marzipan's door with his head. In The Reddest Radish, she knocked on his door in the same way.
  • The joke that no one knows what Strong Bad is dressed up as is taken to a new level when Strong Bad himself says he is Carmen Miranda (but he stops himself when he starts saying "Miranda")

Real-World References

That tickles!
  • The jar you give to Stinkoman is a reference to the animé film "Akira," where a similar thing happened to the character named Tetsuo.
  • Yoo-Hoo is the name of a chocolate soft drink that is popular in America.
  • Coach Z's old school rap is the beginning of the fourth verse of the Geto Boys' 1991 hit song "Mind Playin Tricks On Me."
  • The line "I'm a demon on wheels!" from Stinkoman's intro is taken from the Speed Racer theme song.
  • The flaming maneuver the Poopsmith does when you click on him is M. Bison's Psycho Crusher attack from Street Fighter. The move was known in earlier versions of SFII as the "flaming torpedo". Hence, the reference to a "flaming Poopsmith".
  • When Strong Mad bashes a hole in the house he yells "Higgins!" This is a reference to the show Magnum, P.I. (where Strong Mad's costume comes from). Higgins is the manager of the estate where Magnum lives.
  • The line Homestar says to Coach Z at the end of the toon, "I really like your Wesley Snakes outfit," is likely a reference to Wesley Snipes, the actor who played the character Blade in all three Blade movies.
  • "Robble! Robble!" was the Hamburglar's catchphrase.
  • The photo of Marzipan's dead ficus plant that appears in the introduction and during the seance resembles "Chuck the Plant" from various LucasArts Adventure Games.
  • El DeBarge and Terence Trent D'Arby are 1980s R&B artists, and Miami Sound Machine is a 1980's salsa band best known for their lead singer Gloria Estefan.
  • Strong Sad's lines at the end—"This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!"—are lyrics from the song "Once in a Lifetime" by Talking Heads. This is appropriate, as Strong Sad's "big suit" costume is the one worn by their lead singer, David Byrne, in the concert movie Stop Making Sense.
  • Homestar's line "Let, me, in! (Da Da Da) let me in!" is a reference to "Shall We Dance?", a duet from the musical "The King and I", in which the orchestra plays the "Da Da Da" rhythm.
  • Homestar's line about houses giving away lead candies is a reference to a moral panic that occurred during the 1980s, in which there was much fear of people giving away candy that had been tampered with to children. Some of the more popular suspects were apples injected with drugs, candies with needles broken off into them, and as Homestar remarks, pieces of lead wrapped in candy wrappers.
    • Homestar could also be looking for a quick way to reach his goal of one million pounds of candy, as lead is well known as a rather massive element.
  • Oreos are a popular brand of cookie.

DVD Version

  • The Homsar Easter egg is automatically enabled; no selecting required.
  • The Stinkoman Easter egg is enabled by selecting the pumpkin at Bubs's feet with your DVD remote (rather than selecting a candy).

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