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"Oh go on, kick that yellow brick into the fat Fisher-Price guy!"

3D Menu Screen Tests is a short bonus video showing the beginning stages of the 3D menus used in the first three discs of strongbad_email.exe. Commentary by Strong Bad.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Running Time: 0:45

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Three



3D menu test for 1st disc

STRONG BAD: So, I think this is like the first attempt at those 3D menus somebody did, but as you can see they're pretty crappy. Like, I'm not even animated, I'm just floating along, like, the Levitator. Oh go on, kick that yellow brick into the fat Fisher-Price guy! I mean, look, you can see all the strings and stuff, it's just completely unrealistic.

3D menu test for 2nd disc

STRONG BAD: I hope those numbers going up in the corner aren't like, the price clock. It's not even worth the five twenty-six {mumbles off more numbers} that we paid for it.

3D menu test for 3rd disc

STRONG BAD: And what's all that text at the bottom? I didn't buy this DVD to read a bunch of text. Or, er, not have a mouth. Man, I'm glad we got somebody else to do these. These look like...bagels...

Easter Eggs

  • You can use the angle button to switch between one of three versions of the menu tests, ranging from very incomplete (the default Angle 1) to nearly there (Angle 3).

Fun Facts

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