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*[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail71.swf view the flash file]
*[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail71.swf view the flash file]
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Strong Bad Email #71

Jimmy from MN asks Strong Bad to do 2 emails. Then Dave Nienaber ask Strong Bad what he would do with a time machine.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Strong Mad, Bubs, Strong Sad, The Strong Bad (easter egg), The Sneak (easter egg)


STRONG BAD: {singing} What do you get when you email Strong Bad? You get a world of hurt.


Hey Strong Bad, I think that you should do more e-mails every week. Like two. Then we could have double the Strong Bad, and double the fun. {stops reading} Ooh! That's like Strong Bad gum! {continues reading}

Jimmy, MN {Strong Bad says "Minini"}

{typing} Okay little Jimmy. I'll do two emails this week. {stops typing, long pause} Number two.


Hey Strong Bad, If you could time travel, what period in time would you travel to?

Dave Nienaber Antioch, IL

{typing} Well Naber, I'd definitely travel ahead about 15 minutes to when all the ladies show up for my "2003 Ladies' Choice Awards." {a logo flashes on screen saying "Ladies' Choice Awards" and a little ditty of music plays} About 70 or 50 fine women will be showing up to vote on which one gets to dance with yours truly. But, since I don't have a time machine, I'll just have to wait it out.

{After a few seconds, everything starts going in fast-forward. We only get brief glimpses of all the stuff that happens as Strong Bad forwards ahead, and we stop the fast-forward on a screen that's typed: "Now, On to the ladies!!!" Cut to Strong Bad, Coach Z, Strong Mad, Bubs, and Strong Sad awaitng the females, with balloons and banners and nametags. However, there are no ladies to be seen.}

STRONG BAD: I don't get it! Where could the ladies be?

BUBS: You said there'd be the ladies!

STRONG BAD: I know! I know! Maybe their bus flew off a bottomless cliff...and into, like...a bottomless pit. Strong Sad, did anybody call and say they weren't coming?

STRONG SAD: Oh yeah, I forgot--

STRONG BAD: Or mention anything about a bottomless pit?

STRONG SAD: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. About a million ladies called while you were checking your email and said they'd be a few minutes late.

STRONG BAD: Oh, good! So their bus is okay.

STRONG SAD: No, I'm just kidding! But Homsar called and said he was a million ladies tall.

STRONG BAD: What?! Oh, this has gone from bad to worse!

COACH Z: Hey guys, check it out! {puts a nametag on} I'm hot girl number 37!

STRONG BAD: Oh Coach, don't do it! This is depressing enough as it is.

COACH Z: No, lookit me! I'm shakin' it to the left and to the right!

STRONG BAD: Auuuuuuuuuuugh! {starts walking off}

COACH Z: {humming} Doo doo duh DOO doo doo doo duh doo doo!


{The same ditty that played before plays again, except the caption this time is "No Ladies Showed Up!" Meanwhile, back at Compy...}

STRONG BAD: {typing} I'm sorry you had to see that. I shoulda played it safe and gone back in time to where I know I'm awesome. But, since I don't have a time machine I guess I'll just have to wait it out. Umm... Backwards.

{The Paper comes down}

Easter Eggs

  • In the beginning when Strong Bad mentions "gum" you can click on the words, "double the fun" to see Strong Bad's new gum!
  • Before the "Fast Forward" you can click on "2003 Ladies' Choice Awards" to bring up the goofy event logo.
  • At the end you can click on the word "Backwards" to see a goofy "backwards "Backwards" logo.
  • Also at the end you can click on the word "back" (The "back" in the email! not the "back" to go back to the menu!) to see an easter egg featuring The Strong Bad.

Fun Facts

  • Stuff that happens during the fast forward:
    • Strong Bad writes a basic program, he can code!
      • 10 print"STRONG BAD IS COOL!"
      • 20 goto 10
      • 30 end
    • He is also seen with the drink from interview, a Thai iced tea.
    • Strong Bad plays with his Peanut he formed in action figure.
    • Strong Bad's computer asks him if he want's to fight, so he punches it.
    • In the middle of the Fast Forward Strong Bad gets a letter from Danny asking what he thinks about Delaware.. 3 emails then!? (FYI: It gets DELETED!)
    • Strong Bad sticks a post-it note on his 'puter that says Van Buren on it.
    • Strong Bad starts looking at the camera
    • Strong Bad stands up in front of the computer
    • Homestar Runner sits down and writes: "Hey Strong Bad, I built a time machine by putting a Gameboy in a blender. I used your blender and also your Gameboy. I will go into the future and buy you new ones."
    • Strong Bad types "Only a few minutes left. I think I can hear some of the ladies giggling and saying how they like me and stuff. Or maybe that's just The Cheat."
    • Strong Bad plays a game called "Pigs on Head", later made into a game by Videlectrix (He gets a Score of 1,200 on level 8)
    • Strong Bad puts on a Sombrero
    • Strong Bad types "Now, on to the ladies!!!"
  • The Nametags say:
    Most start with "Hello, my name is hot girl #" Except for some..
    • 48
    • v2.14
    • 4077 (hot lips instead of hot girl, a reference to the tv show M*A*S*H. Hot lips was a character and the hospital was number 4077)
    • 00
    • 18
    • 7 (no space between "hot" and "girl")
    • Sue
    • 40
    • 2
    • 8 (no space)
    • 13
    • X6 (reference to the email japanese cartoon)
    • 37
    • 26c
    • 26
  • The last line in Strong Bad's code is pointless because the second line will make the program display 'Strong Bad is cool' an infinite number of times. The program will never reach the end command, so it doesn't need to be there.
  • The post-it note with 'Van Buren' on it is most likely a crude drawing of [Martin Van Buren], the 8th president of the United States.

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