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watch 2 Part Episode: Part 1 The King of Town DVD

The sequel to 2 Part Episode: Part 1.

Cast (in order of appearance): Gunhaver, Crackotage, Silent Rip, Subtlefuge, Dryghost, Swampslash, Fudgeclank, Flashfight, Fightgar, Firebert, Blue Laser Commander, Reynold, Ripberger, Green Helmets, Reinforcements, Taranchula (Easter Egg)

Places (in order of appearance): Toppleganger's Hideout, Cheat Commandos HQ, Reynold's Office

Date: Monday, June 8, 2009

Running Time: 5:10

Page Title: You know dang well!



Note: This transcript is incomplete. Please help by expanding it.

{Open to a view of Gunhaver, Crackotage, Silent Rip walking in a swamp. The title "Two Part Episode: Part Two" appears, with "written on the john by A. Chimendez". The three start walking out the swamp and on to the Toppleganger's Hideout.}

Silent Rip: You sure this is where the Toppleganger's Hideout is?

Gunhaver: I hope so. If not, were surrounded by an entirely different Rag Tag band of mercenaries.

{Danger Music plays, four Rag Tags appear from the bushes.}

Gunhaver: All together now boys.

All: {groans} Gulp!

{Subtlefuge walks out of the bushes}

Subtlefuge: Well, if it isn't my good twin brother, Crapotage. And a couple of Cheat Commandos. {pronounced co-mon-dos}

{Cut to Crackotage next to Silent Rip}

Crackotage: Not anymore, Subtlefuge. We're on our own.

Silent Rip: And we need your help to break into the Headquarters Playset and free Bluelaser.

Subtlefuge: And how do we know this isn't a trap?

{Cut to Gunhaver melting with his boxers full of girl kisses on it showing.}

Gunhaver: I've been wearing these boxers for three {crackotage and silent rip get disturbed expressions} days!

{Cut back to Subtlefuge}

Subtlefuge Eeeenngghh. I'm convinced. You might as well meet the rest of the Toppleganger's.

{Cut to a scene with one of the Toppleganger's, the Toppleganger is wearing glasses, also has a mustache, and has a gray skin color, wearing a pink shirt saying "BAD GUY", with a German helmet with a skull on it.}

Subtlefuge: Dryghost.

{Cut to another scene with another Toppleganger, who has 2 scars, a green mohawk, a blue skin color, a chain around his chest, and a black coat.}

Subtlefuge: Swampslash.

{Cut to another scene with just trees, then a Toppleganger comes out of Hammerspace, the Toppleganger has colorful clown hair, has a normal Cheat skin color, all his Cheat spots have many colors, and paint around his eyes, cheeks, and mouth, also he has four bombs around his chest.}

Subtlefuge: Fudgeclank.

Fudgeclank: {laughs as a clown}

{The Toppleganger's all walk up into a group.}

Subtlefuge: Each is sold separately with rifle and gear.

{The "Cheap as Free" logo appears in the bottom left corner, cut to another scene at the outside of the Cheat Commandos HQ, zooming in to the inside.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on "playsets" at the end to see Crackotage rhyming.

{Cut to a scene with Crackotage at the left and some other Cheat Commandos at the right} CRACKOTAGE: And now that I'm back as part of the team, I can get back into my old rhyme scheme. Laughity laugh laugh!


  • Click on "toys" at the end to see a Taranchula clip. See visuals

{music} Watch how I get down with the Fudgeclank!!!


Fun Facts


  • Dressage is a style of horse competition, emphasizing the movement and grace of horse and rider.
  • A Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ceremony.


  • When the melting gunhaver moves his arm, it covers a wrink in his shirt, even though it should create another.

Inside References

Real World References

  • Subtlefuge mentioning a rabbit while dressed like a battery is a reference to the mascot for Energizer batteries.

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