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watch 2 Part Episode: Part 1 The King of Town DVD

The sequel to 2 Part Episode: Part 1.

Cast (in order of appearance): Gunhaver, Crackotage, Silent Rip, Subtlefuge, Dryghost, Swampslash, Fudgeclank, Flashfight, Fightgar, Firebert, Blue Laser Commander, Reynold, Ripberger, Green Helmets, Reinforcements, Taranchula (Easter Egg)

Places (in order of appearance): Toppleganger's Hideout, Cheat Commandos HQ, Reynold's Office

Date: Monday, June 8, 2009

Running Time: 5:10

Page Title: You know dang well!



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Easter Eggs

  • Click on "playsets" at the end to see Crackotage rhyming.
  • Click on "toys" at the end to see a Taranchula clip.

Fun Facts


  • Dressage is a style of horse competition, emphasizing the movement and grace of horse and rider.
  • A Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ceremony.

Inside References

Real World References

  • Subtlefuge mentioning a rabbit while dressed like a battery is a reference to the mascot for Energizer batteries.

External Links

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