'Lectric Boots

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Solid State goodness
'Lectric Boots
'Lectric Boot sketches and a one-legged Strong Bad

'Lectric Boots are large metal shoes with flashing lights made by Ol' Fatty's. Despite the implications of the marketing claims, during operation the boots are loud and draw enough current to blow a household circuit breaker in a few seconds.

Strong Bad eventually decided to sell them for $116 at his garage sale. Apparently, Bubs bought them, as one of them was seen in Senorial Day.

A boot with an appearance similar to that of the 'Lectric Boots was seen on Strong Bad's wooden cutout in the email portrait.

They also appear in Strong Badia the Free as a hidden costume item. When using the King of Town's Snacky 186, send a Food Request template email to anyone, filling in the third blank with 'Lectric Boots. They will then appear in a box to the left of the desk immediately after sending it.

Marketing Promises

Fun Facts

  • The marketing promise "whisper quiet" is a reference to products such as mechanical fans, which sound identical to the 'Lectric Boots while running.


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