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      <page pageid="5" ns="0" title="Main Page">
          <im ns="6" title="File:A Decemberween Mackerel.png" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Death-defying decemberween special screenshot.png" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Decemberween Dangeresque.jpg" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Decemberween Short Shorts.JPG" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Hooked on Decemberween Screenshot.PNG" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Main Page 28.png" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Strong bad dream.png" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:The Name of This Cartoon Would Ruin It Screenshot.png" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Transparent HR.png" />
          <im ns="6" title="File:Which Ween Costumes.png" />
    <images imcontinue="5|bestdecemberween.PNG" />